“Why does sometimes it feels right to be wrong?” : MY REVIEW for ‘Something in the Way’ by Jessica Hawkins

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Possible Spoilers!!!

You can’t move the stars.Manning and I were inevitable.

Manning is 6 years older than Lake. The first time they met, Lake was kind of afraid by the overall looks of him—huge and tall. Needless to say, she just tried to hide the good looks of him that she noticed and she gets attracted right away.

Manning cares (a lot) to Lake. By some ways, she reminds him of her dead sister Maddy. However, they may have some resemblance yet there’s something in Lake that he finds different. Lake seems like a little girl but when you know her closely, she got a mature self inside. So that meant, Manning was still unsure but there were moments especially when they’re alone together, where there’s something in him that urges him to care more to Lake than what an older brother should have (or be expected him to treat) to a little sister.


Manning and I needed Tiffany, but at the same time, there was no denying—she was also something in the way.

Oh! I have to include this quote cause this is the part when the title was mentioned as if everything just started to make sense. (lol)

We often hear the saying, “Age doesn’t matter.” Some would easily say that they agree as long as two persons really love each other, they would find a way to defy it.

In Manning and Lake’s case, there were a lot of things to consider and dealing with Lake’s father was the major problem. Her father has a lot of dreams and hopes for his daughter making him so strict. He wouldn’t let his child become like Tiffany, Lake’s older sister, who paid less attention to her studies and won’t even find a job. Because of that, will being close to Manning—a construction worker in the neighborhood— would do any good for Lake? Her dad won’t even allow them to be friends, what more if it’s gonna be deeper than that?

Another hindrance as the quote mentioned was Tiffany. Lake saw Manning first but it doesn’t mean she have all the rights to own him. Tiffany is sexy and beautiful, and it’s a fact that no one can deny. She get all the guys she wants and meeting Manning is not an exception. And to be closer to Lake, Manning needs to get close to her sister too if that’s what it takes. And since Tiffany was the right one to be with in whatever angle the reality has to say, Manning accepted that as long as he could take care of Lake too.



To say that I love this story is quite an understatement. I could add a lot of adjectives to say how amazing it is! You can say that I’m exaggerating but who cares? I like it freaking much! I’m so excited for the next book. Those 2 years that decided Manning’s fate are exactly how long Lake’s going to be on school before 18. So the next book will probably covering up the time after 2 years when Lake is already on legal age and Manning will be free.


I highly suggest everyone to read this book! There’s something between Manning and Lake’s situation and relationship that will really put a pang in your heart. If you haven’t read it yet, purchase your copy here.

Somebody Else’s Sky (Book 2/3) is coming out on May 22. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon



 Song for the book: One of These Days by Michelle Branch

I really love thinking of songs for books I read and I can say that this song is perfect for Something in the Way. If you’ll happen to know the lyrics, it could be a message from Lake to Manning.

One of these days
I won’t be afraid of staying with you
I hope and I pray
Waiting to find a way back to you
Cause that’s where I’m home


“What I thought was true”: A Dream -with my view to Young Elites series.



                             (Dedication page from “The Midnight Star” by Marie Lu)

I want to know what triggers us to have strange and weird dreams. This one I just had a while ago is still clear in my memory so I wrote them all down. It’s so weird!

I’m good at telling stories base on my experience and those experiences I had in my dreams count too, right? Read more below.

So first, I want to tell something about myself. I grew fond of giraffes since I was in college through my friends and my own like. We have a dog before and we named her Chocola, who lived with us for few years since she was 4 months old. With her, I learned to care more on animals mostly with dogs. We lost her before she turned 7 years and it brought me a great sadness and depression that I advised my parents not to bring another dog to our house anymore. Sometimes whenever I look back on my life with our little furry friend/baby, I can’t help to feel a little guilt that I didn’t gave everything I should. That there was something I lack as one of her parents. I believe that I am evil, but chose to care so much and love a lot.

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read it yet!!! 

Current read: The Midnight Star by Marie Lu.


The third book of a Young Elites series. A story about a malfetto girl, person marked by plague and also an Elite, gifted with power by the gods. Adelina grew up with her father’s abuse and younger sister who she considered as her only ally in life. Meeting the Daggers, people with different extraordinary powers called Elites, after she escaped from her father, she learned to develop and control her skills to create an illusion. She build trust with other Daggers, believe that she has someone beside her until she was consumed by her inner darkness letting her done some things she doesn’t really want to or aware of. She’s been cast out and started her own, the Rose Society, with her sister who she found out has the power to withdraw other Elite’s powers; Magiano, a boy with a ability to mimic other’s power; and Sergio the Rainmaker with other mercenaries. Along with her roses, Adelina conquer many lands and became a queen. Her journey continues as I read until the last pages.

I really like the first book, The Young Elites, while my interest lie low in the second book which is The Rose Society. I really hope it all pays off on the third and last installment of the series. But let me mention some of the characters! Enzo, the poor prince. My heart died with him twice! And Rafaelle, I don’t know if I’ll admire him as he’s attracting everyone or I’ll hate him. And of course Magiano! A very greedy, cocky man with humor and joy..I swear he’s the one I like so don’t kill him, please? In my opinion, I think this novel will do good in a movie.

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I dreamt of an Ostrich wanting to befriend me but I was consumed by my fear so I stayed away.

Song for the blog: Dreaming Alone by One OK Rock ft Against the Current

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