“What I thought was true”: A Dream -with my view to Young Elites series.



                             (Dedication page from “The Midnight Star” by Marie Lu)

I want to know what triggers us to have strange and weird dreams. This one I just had a while ago is still clear in my memory so I wrote them all down. It’s so weird!

I’m good at telling stories base on my experience and those experiences I had in my dreams count too, right? Read more below.

So first, I want to tell something about myself. I grew fond of giraffes since I was in college through my friends and my own like. We have a dog before and we named her Chocola, who lived with us for few years since she was 4 months old. With her, I learned to care more on animals mostly with dogs. We lost her before she turned 7 years and it brought me a great sadness and depression that I advised my parents not to bring another dog to our house anymore. Sometimes whenever I look back on my life with our little furry friend/baby, I can’t help to feel a little guilt that I didn’t gave everything I should. That there was something I lack as one of her parents. I believe that I am evil, but chose to care so much and love a lot.

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read it yet!!! 

Current read: The Midnight Star by Marie Lu.


The third book of a Young Elites series. A story about a malfetto girl, person marked by plague and also an Elite, gifted with power by the gods. Adelina grew up with her father’s abuse and younger sister who she considered as her only ally in life. Meeting the Daggers, people with different extraordinary powers called Elites, after she escaped from her father, she learned to develop and control her skills to create an illusion. She build trust with other Daggers, believe that she has someone beside her until she was consumed by her inner darkness letting her done some things she doesn’t really want to or aware of. She’s been cast out and started her own, the Rose Society, with her sister who she found out has the power to withdraw other Elite’s powers; Magiano, a boy with a ability to mimic other’s power; and Sergio the Rainmaker with other mercenaries. Along with her roses, Adelina conquer many lands and became a queen. Her journey continues as I read until the last pages.

I really like the first book, The Young Elites, while my interest lie low in the second book which is The Rose Society. I really hope it all pays off on the third and last installment of the series. But let me mention some of the characters! Enzo, the poor prince. My heart died with him twice! And Rafaelle, I don’t know if I’ll admire him as he’s attracting everyone or I’ll hate him. And of course Magiano! A very greedy, cocky man with humor and joy..I swear he’s the one I like so don’t kill him, please? In my opinion, I think this novel will do good in a movie.

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I dreamt of an Ostrich wanting to befriend me but I was consumed by my fear so I stayed away.

Song for the blog: Dreaming Alone by One OK Rock ft Against the Current

I am wandering in the woods together with my brother and my mom, some of my cousins and relatives go with us too. We are in a middle of a camp while in a beach outing and I hear voices coming from afar and the waves of the water from the sea. The heat of the sun is not that scorching hot, enough not to make us sweat a lot. It must be near sunset. The shadows of the swaying leaves of trees enveloping us down. We stop by in an area filled with fallen dried leaves under an old tree taking a rest before continuing our hike.

Aside from us, I see some people carrying big cages and looking for something around. I manage to sneak a peek and see that inside those cages are some wild animals caught from the forest. I remember a furry one like a rabbit, and some birds. Where will they bring them and what will they do to them, I don’t know. So while in an easiest position I manage to tell as sitting, I bite a snack from the ones we bring with us from our small bags.

Later, I see a middle-aged man across an old tree looking for something and acting like calling a name I can’t quite catch as he murmurs. I watch and there I noticed that he, too, has a cage with him but his is empty. Again, I manage to stand up to go near him and into my surprise it is my uncle. I remember him living with his family as our neighbor in the city and I didn’t know they transferred here once they disappeared. I exchange some words, talking as normally as we were before. He jerks as if something catch his attention looking at his right direction. I didn’t have the chance to react quickly but to my shock, I’m seeing a bird. A big bird with a long neck, its wings tucked down on each other side’s body. Its face is round and small with littlest of furies around its body that I can see bumps across it. I don’t remember how it exactly looks but I think this creature in front of me is an ostrich. I stay as stiff as I can in my position, holding my breath as I can manage. I take a glance to my uncle who doesn’t seem scared of it. He gives me a smile as if forcing not to laugh then he pats the bird inches taller than him like its his pet. I make a face asking if it’s okay to move now that I know I’m safe or sort of. He gestures a nod and before I could totally move and exhale a breath, the ostrich starts to run.

I don’t know if I screamed or if there was even a voice came out of my mouth, I was too busy paying attention on the creature’s whereabouts and now I see it running back towards me. Panic. I’m panicking. I call my uncle for help but the ostrich is now standing tall in front of me. Too late. I don’t know what to do. My heart is beating so hard in my chest. I’m forcing my eyes to shut like I did when see horror movies came out of the TV and then open my eyes tilting my head up to take a look. The bird is still where it is few seconds ago, staring straight at me like it is seeing right through my eyes. A stare that makes me feel like I’m standing in front of a kind-hearted human but in a body of an ostrich. My uncle called its attention so in that moment we broke the stare. I don’t want to believe that my uncle can exchange communications with it or if it’s even possible like I see in the internet, but he’s talking to it, for real! The ostrich come nearer to me bowing its head and trying to lower its back.

What? “He wants you to ride on his back,” my uncle said out loud what I was saying on my head the gesture it made possibly means. I immediately shake my head. Of course I don’t want to.

“Why me?,” I asked. My uncle just shrug.

“Try to offer the ride to others, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it much more than I’ll do.” Also, I believe it cannot hold my weight enough to carry me.

We take a walk to where my relatives are. They, too , gasped in surprise when they see the creature following us. I pointed my youngest cousin whose back is on us while playing with his brothers. If the bird wants someone to ride on him, he’s perfect. I walk over to call him and tell him that, but as he saw the big bird few steps away from him he started to cry. I don’t know if I’m going to laugh but he’s seriously crying.

He’s scared as I am.

The creature runs off again to where we were earlier. I should have stayed now that I’m back to our place but I run back to its direction with my uncle. We reach an area where the blue ocean is more visible from up high in the mountain, the flow of waves of the water is clearer to my hearing. The ostrich runs into circle and looking at me. It must really want me to ride on his back. I want to ask him why but thinking that it won’t make sense, I just shut my mouth. Uncle is watching us, he’s leaning to a tree standing with his arms resting around each other.

“You know, I think we must take advantage of this moment to take a picture together,” I said out loud unsure who I’m really talking to but I reach for my phone in my small bag and open the front camera. I focused it to myself amaze by the beautiful ocean at my back as I see on the screen and tries to go nearer to the ostrich as I can to take a selfie with it. It’s crazy but just like a real human, it adjusts its head to fit on the camera so I could take a picture of us perfectly.

I’m so happy that moment that I switch from camera to video ourselves instead. It’s perfect! That time seizes every worry inside me. I was scared to ride on it but sharing this little moment with it even without talking, I suddenly realize that I’m so glad. My heart lightens whatever darkness is inside.

I don’t remember how I finally part ways with it and my uncle. The sunset is visible here from the mountain now that we are going down. We reach the station to where we are staying the night and there I see some of my friends happily singing along each other. I sit with them, watching how happy they are. But honestly, my mind is still in that little memory with the ostrich. The happiness in him when he saw me. I’m carrying the guilt inside me that I didn’t gave what he wants. “At least I take a picture with it!,” I said to myself and open my phone to check the unbelievable experience not long ago. To my dismay, the picture and video I took is not on my gallery. Have I deleted it? I don’t remember doing anything after capturing. What happened? Is it all an illusion?

I woke up in my bed feeling the cool air from the window beside me. The sun has settled down from afar. The pages of the book I was reading before I slept is twirling, my phone is beside it. I stared at it for a minute but I know there’s no use of checking the gallery cause I know I won’t find anything special. But the heavy feeling of sadness is still in me. The memory of me with the ostrich still lingers in my mind.



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